Ashes to Ashes

by Christa Fairbrother  - October 26, 2022

I wrote this poem after using the bathroom at the Publix grocery store on a road trip. I had to use the bathroom and a much younger woman was finishing up what looked to be a long session of preening as I walked in. Seeing her made me grateful I could use the bathroom in peace for my own needs instead of setting the stage for someone else.


It takes all-consuming amounts of energy

to transform

from being a young woman-

who is desired as an object,

to desire as a subject.

The transfer of power

from walking through this portal

is not heralded all at once

but plays out ever so slowly.

Backing out of the theatre

what once took a whisper

now takes a shout.

But this amplification is worth it.

Oh, so worth it.

Because you rise like a phoenix

to face the challenges

of the last fade

with strength

and courage.


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Christa Fairbrother

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