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Author of Water Yoga 

"I love the book! It perfectly captured the essence of water yoga and it read seamlessly. It contains an ocean of ideas to use.”

T. E. - water yoga reader

Hi, I'm Christa Fairbrother. 

I'm a non-fiction author with a new book, Water Yoga.

Longer term, I'm a poet who writes about resilience and the nature of this crazy, wild life.

It's great to meet you and I hope I bring some inspiration into your life today.

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The book reads well and has tons of great pics and detailed descriptions of the poses.  I would highly recommend this book to any yoga practitioner or yoga teacher.

A. Y. - reader

Christa is gifted at sharing her knowledge and helping others. This book won't be sitting on my shelf, it will be in my hands as a frequent resource.

c. e. - reader


When you were little did you daydream about becoming a mermaid?  You rode your seahorse on fun adventures filled with color and friends.  You were laughing and beautiful.

Chapter 01

Lorem ipsum dolor siyoga a discipline was created over two thousand years ago in India.  It seeks to harmanize the body , mind and spirit to increase a persons inner and outer worlds.  It's an ancient tradition to understand the human condition which we all still face.


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A rare find that will leave readers wanting a waterproof copy to take to the pool to find the benefits of a calmer mind, less pain, a stronger body, and even a little happiness and joy along the way. Not many reads give such a package!
-C. A. P.

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