Christa Fairbrother

Award Winning Author and Poet 

Hi, I'm Christa Fairbrother... 

I'm a poet who writes about chronic illness and women's issues.

Over 133 million Americans, almost half the population, and disproportionately women, live with a chronic illness.  I am one of those millions, and as a poetry lover, I don’t see us represented in poetry at the level the demographic implies. 

My work seeks to change that by bringing a creative vision to life with chronic illness.

Published Work

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The Mackinaw #3

Pleiades Spring 2024

The Calendular Review

More Poems

A Succulent Christmas in Instant Noodles vol. 3 issue 3

Airstream Dreams in Red Rose Thorns vol. 2

Art History in Hearth and Coffin vol. 3, issue 3

Brain Fog in The London Reader #26

Chile Women at Ravens Perch 

Coach Neurologist Arc Poetry Award of Awesomeness

Engagement in Cadence v. 41

Flood the Rivers in Stoneboat v.13 #2

Hunted by Lupus Dead of Winter III Anthology

I Smell the Urine of an Englishman New Feathers Spring 2024

Not A B, or a C, Roof The Sunlight Press 1/16/24

Piglet Squid in Honeyguide #7

The Lidless Eye in Of Poets and Poetry April '23

Temporarily Non-Disabled Knee Brace Press

The Urologist in DMQ Review Summer '23

Thinning in Medical Literary Messenger Winter '23

With Pain in Reapparition Journal #7

Upcoming Work

Look for my poetry in upcoming issues of...

A golden sunset over the ocean.  The text overlay says, "The Resilient Poet.  Poetry on chronic illness."

The Resilient Poet Newsletter brings you new poems, critical analysis, discussion around chronic illness and embodied poetry 2 or three times per month.

 I'd love to connect with you.

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